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Post-Operative Care


What to Do After Surgery


 Offer Water Immediately

 Offer a small amount of canned food when you get home and again later in the evening.  Resume normal feeding in the morning. Pets that have not been given extra pain medications may not eat for a day or two. 

 No Over-the Counter Pain Medications.  TOXIC!

 Keep outdoor pets inside the house for 7-10 days, Wild Cats for 36 hours.  

 No Exercise (running, jumping, time off leash outside) for 7-10 days. Confine cats for the first evening.

 Keep Warm.  Avoid heating pads. 

 No Baths for 10 days

 E-Collar for 7-10 days.

 Dust-Free Litter for male cats for 3-7 days



What to Expect (In Some Pets) After Surgery


 Sleepiness, staggering and shivering

 Watery eyes and/or drooling

 Occasional vomiting

 A scrotum that is up to twice the size of the testicles.  This resolves over 1-6 weeks.

 A non-painful lump by the incision.  Resolves within 3-6 weeks.

 Sutures may take 3 months to disappear.  There are no stitches in male cats nor in young male puppies.

 A small protrusion of pinkish colored tissue extending the length of the incision.



What Requires Veterinary Care After Surgery


 A “lump” near the incision that disappears when pushed on or that is accompanied by poor appetite

 Anything protruding from the incision other than a small (less than 1/8 inch high) line of pinkish tissue. 

 Vaginal bleeding 

 More than a few drops of blood from the incision the night of surgery or any bleeding thereafter 

 A pet that is unwilling to move around  

 Severe swelling (over 3 times the size the testicles had been) of the scrotum. 

 Decreased appetite that lasts more than 2 days.

 Missing sutures (other than in male cats, who never had any). 

 Skin discoloration, pus or a highly painful swelling around the incision.



Post-Operative Questions and Emergencies

All post-operative care is at the pet owner’s expense


Non-emergencies: (609) 267-6770.


Emergencies Only: Dr. Cobb’s cell phone number will be provided.


If Dr. Cobb does not answer, please contact an emergency clinic such as one of those listed below. 


SJES                                University of Pennsylvania         Animal Emergency                     

Linwood,NJ                    Philadelphia, PA                          Langhorn, PA                              

(609) 926-5300               (215) 898-4685                            (215) 750-2774                           

No Exercise