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Owner Information

**Provide numbers where you can be reached ALL DAY on the day of surgery**

Dog's Information

We strongly recommend pre-operative bloodwork and IV fluids for pets over 5 years of age.
Call 609-267-6770 to set an appointment at least 3 business days before surgery for bloodwork.
You will find a check box for IV fluids under extra services below.

Please cancel your appointment. Ace of Spays does not perform surgery for retained testicles.

Extra Services

Highly Recommended

E-collars are the clear plastic cones that many refer to as "lamp shades." Nothing is "dog-proof" but these seem to work best.

Bite-Free collars look like human neck braces worn after car accidents. Not great for small dogs.

Tramadol is a conventional pain relief medication. Conventional medications are those commonly used in veterinary offices and human hospitals.

Also Available

Must be at least 12 weeks old for a rabies vaccine.

An injected ID # found by shelters.

Heartworm testing is not needed for dogs under 7 months of age.

Triheart is not the best option for use in herding breeds (shelties, collies, etc).
In order for us to sell Triheart, your dog must 1) Be under 7 months old, or, 2) have a negative heartworm test at the clinic.

Advantix is a pesticide, not a drug. It is TOXIC for cats and children. Use with care.

This is NOT a complete dental. If you would like a full dental, please call 609-267-6770 to schedule your appointment during one of our dental clinics.

Payment Method (required): Due at the time of pick up

Your dog will be issued a 1-year rabies license. Be sure to keep a copy of your invoice (which has the certificate on it) so that you can get a 3-year license next year.

If you would like a 3-year rabies vaccine, please bring a previous year's rabies certificate (even if expired). Without the actual paperwork, the state requireds us to issue a one-year license.

Please bring a fecal sample when you drop off your dog in the morning

We use Home Again International microchips. Your pet will be registered forever unless you contact the chip company to make changes. Microchips are NOT considered proof of ownership.

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We can be reached at (609) 267-6770 if you have any questions.