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Potential Complications of Spay/Neuter Surgery

Text Box: Rare:
Anesthetic complications resulting in death (1/2500 animals*)
Other anesthetic complications resolving with treatment (1/5000)
Hernias in females-breakdown of the internal sutures (1/8000)
Delayed wound healing  (0)
Urinary incontinence-dribbling urine/inability to control urination (0)
Infections in the abdomen or the remaining small piece of the uterus (1/8000)
Weight gain in females (0)
Bleeding during or after surgery either internally, from the incision or from the vulva that can result in death.  (1/1000 repaired surgically)
Infection in the skin near the incision or sutures (1/8000)
Adhesions or other complications which may impair gastrointestinal or urinary tract (0)
Other: There is also the possibility of unforeseen complications

* Figures recorded by Dr. Cobb based on 8000 surgeries while working at various shelter clinics.
Text Box: Common:
Scrotal bruising and swelling in males that resolves without treatment
Self-inflicted trauma to the surgical site.  This includes suture removal by the animal, skin infections caused by licking and other damage.  Prevent these problems by purchasing an e-collar. 
Hematoma or seroma (non-painful swellings near the incision or in the scrotum) that resolve without treatment 
Minor swelling and redness around the incision that resolves without treatment